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Styling Consultation

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Styling Consultation

Join us at the shop for an exclusive styling event. This event will be March 29th (Sunday) and appointment s Our amazing neighbor, Angel Ra (yep, the owner nextdoor!) actually is a Wardrobing Stylist! Say WHAAATTT!

So she is booking appointments FREE for one on one styling tips.
You will get her help shopping & leave with cheat sheet just for your body shape, complexion, etc. to help future shopping.

Limited Space for sure on this one! Only 8 appointments!

Each appointment is half hour and includes the meeting, consult, recommendations and then assisted shopping. Times are available for 12pm, 1230pm, 1pm, 130pm, 2pm, 230pm, 3pm, 330pm.

***Please Bring a Staple Item if you have one (something you always wear - bra, jeans, legging, undershirt, shaper, etc. If you don't have one, we will help you find one from our Leggings and jeans.

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