What is Boho Western or Country Chic?

What is Boho Western or Country Chic?

Well hello there my lovelies! I wanted to take a moment to launch this bad boy and share our BRAND. When I first opened a store, I was living out in the country, working full time, commuting 45 minutes each way and had two little boys usually solo since my husband at the time traveled for work. Our 15 chickens, two goats, cows and muddy backyard (winter in the dark was super fun collecting eggs) led me to usually have to go do my chores in my work clothes. I would swap to flip flops to run around, and heels to work. So I usually looked a little weird in my work clothing and mismatched shoes. So I threw all the shoes in the trunk! Like most of us crazy life ladies end up doing.

I wanted simple clothes that I could afford and wear with ALL the shoes I had to use to accommodate most of our wild lifestyles. So, I created The Fashionable You Boutique!

We are .Playful, Romantic & Country Chic. For women of every size

As a plus size curvy gal (pretty much at 16 years old) I hated that clothes were most expensive for us and in a whole different section. I wanted to be with the rest of my crew too and not feel faulted, penalized or different. I was still awesome and beautiful and perfect as God made me! And so are you!

Playful means pretty much pockets and comfy, so we can play with the littles in our lives be it human babies or fur babies, other peoples' babies, students, etc. We sometimes need to get dirty and these clothes need to keep up. And be functional. So pockets win!

Romantic is for the lace, crochet and embroidery I love! I want these clothes to make me feel a little fancy because sometimes, that is rare for us gals on the go.

Country Chic is so that the dresses and tops you get to wear with a heel or wedge, a sandal or sneaker, can also flip and go with the Cowgirl boots you likely have in your closet for concerts or your mudroom for daily use.

So there you have it. Western bohemian aka Country Chic. That is our boutique.

And half our inventory is always "plus size" aka as we call it Normal Size because almost 80% of the USA is this. And that is okay. You will find our Pink Tabs on top of each XL-3X in store item on our floor alongside the items Small-Large sized. We work hard to find full runs in Small-3x so if you have it, so can your other sized friend and hit the town in true bestie twinning fashion. Come see us!