About Us

The Fashionable You was created to blend amazing and comfortable fashion for every day use in affordable ways that leave customers feeling perfect - just how we are created.

All of us are beautiful. All of us are perfect. All of us should be able to buy what we want and feel fantastic - as fantastic as we truly know we are. So girl, work it. Wear it. Flaunt it.

We are located in Downtown Lodi, CA at 8 N. School Street across from  Weibel & Cheese Central.

We will carry different styles you can wear in versatile areas of life: the store, work, home with the kiddos, date nights - in sizes Small to 3x. We also strive to have nothing ever over $50. Ever. Seriously - not EVER.

Shipping is Free for all orders $50 and up.

See the FAQ page for Refund Policy info!